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This is a community solely for corset makers who own or are building a corset making business. Corset_business is a safe place where we can share our experiences and ask questions about running a corset making business. This community is geared to those who make custom corsets. However, if you make corsets in standard sizes, you are most welcome to apply for membership. To apply, please read the requirements below and email the maintainer with the required information. Please be sure to include your lj name.

Here, we can pool our resources for supplies, contacts and information about owing and running your own corset business. This is a NONCOMPETITIVE COMMUNITY. Members must acknowledge, agree, and remember that there are more customers in this world than any of us can possibly help ourselves. There is no need for competitive behavior.

Corset_business is a give and take relationship between people who have chosen to build a career and steady income from making corsets. This is not a place for corset hobbyists or people who are just learning how to make corsets. There are other forums for that. To become a member of this community, you must already know how to make quality corsets, sell them, and have a goal of building and maintaining your own corset making business. This community is not for people who resale corsets that have been made by a factory.

To join, you must be apply and be approved by me. I am Alexis, owner of Electra Designs custom corsets. I am in the process of starting my own corset making business. I make the corsets myself and have very high standards for quality and customer service. You can view some examples of my work on my personal lj: http://electradesigns.livejournal.com/ and my web site http://electradesigns.net/

This is a private community. Only members can view our entries. This way we can all feel safe and comfortable in sharing. Members must contribute to the community so everyone can benefit. If you fail to contribute, you may be asked to leave the community.

Basic rules apply. No name calling, drama, back stabbing, or competitive behavior. I don’t have time to monitor every post, so I will trust you to be mature and professional here.
To apply for membership, please email me at alexis(at)electradesigns(dot)net and include this information:

Your name
Company name
Examples of corsets you have recently made (photo attachments or links)
A link to your web site if you have one (or some other verification that you regularly sell or attempt to sell your corsets)
Three sentences stating what you hope to gain from the community
Three sentences stating what you hope to contribute to the community
Agree to maintain a noncompetitive, honest attitude
If you do not send the information requested, your request to join will be denied.

If you have been sent an invitation, you do not need to email me with this info. Thank you for your interest in the corset_business community!